Making New Friends

Submitted by PAUL C on April 03 2012 09:04 AM

The first year of school is not only about reading, counting and writing. It’s also about learning important social skills, making new friends and coping with those that you may not get along with.  Relationships of all kinds are so important. Mostly they are enjoyable, and sometimes they can be challenging.

Many young children tend to make friends quite easily. For some it may take a while longer. The past few weeks I have been quizzing my son on who he has been playing with at school. “I can’t remember” has been the standard response. I suppose like every Mum out there, I hope that he makes some nice little friends . . .

My constant questioning obviously became annoying because he recently said “Can you please not ask me that everyday Mum”. Seems I might have been obsessing a little bit.

He lets different names slip every week and whilst I am not sure there is that special friend just yet, I know that he is happy and having fun with a number of kids.  Fortunately, a family friend’s daughter is also in his class. So while they go about making their own friends, they have each other to fall back on.

However, the gender divide has already started. The boys and the girls are already forming their own factions. “I play in the boys’ area and the girls play in their area” he reported recently. Never-mind that his best friends at preschool (just a few short months ago) were two girls!

Maybe your child has already found that lifelong friend or maybe like my son, he or she is taking their time and playing with lots of kids.

Whichever it may be, friendships are among the most important things in life. Don’t you agree?


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