Kid’s Speak

Submitted by PAUL C on August 08 2012 10:08 AM

As parents, we have the ability to understand our own children’s language pretty much from day one. From birth we learn what they are trying to tell us through their different cries and coos.

By the time the toddler years roll on, we can easily decipher the first words and sentences - well most of the time.  My sons would often reel off a sentence that no one else would understand. Yet I would hear it as clear as a bell. 

Strangers and families would look on in disbelief as I repeated what they had said word for word, or if I simply answered their question without blinking an eyelid. It’s amazing how attuned you get to your own child’s speech and pronunciation of certain words.

As they grow, they continue to struggle to get their tongues or heads around certain words or phrases.  Both my sons called wallabies “wobblies” and fruit smoothies were often called fruit “fooffies”. 

More recently my eldest son complained of a tingling in his foot after sitting cross legged for a period of time.  I told him it was simply pins and needles. “Pigs and eagles” he exclaimed.  You’ve got to love these classics.

Do your kids have a word that has stuck from their toddler years? Maybe we should write them down and remind them on their 21st birthdays.

I would love to hear a favourite of your families.  Don’t forget to log- in when you leave a comment. You never know when a prize might be awarded.


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