Kids and Screen Time

Submitted by PAUL C on September 04 2012 10:09 AM

Did you get to see the Youtube video of a 1 year old trying to use a magazine like an ipad?  To some it might be cute, but I found it a little bit scary.

I know that technology is all around us, and I also know that it is really useful.  My personal view is that really young ones don’t need to be using it. From everything I have read, children under two shouldn’t be exposed to any screen time whatsoever. This includes computers, phones, tablets, handheld games, dvds and even television.

I live in a household where many of these things do exist and it is hard to minimise any active or passive exposure to them, especially the television.

I don’t have a problem with children learning about and using technology, but surely they can wait until they are pre-schoolers.  In the meantime, what’s wrong with play-dough, crayons, books (the ones with paper pages) and playing outside or in the sandpit?

Maybe I am a bit old fashioned. When do you think kids should get into the high tech toys?


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