Interfering Parents?

Submitted by PAUL C on November 26 2013 10:11 PM

Interfering Parents?

It’s been party time for my boys over the last few weeks.  A new rule at school is that party invitations must be handed to the teacher to distribute to kids.

When I asked my son’s teacher the reason for the new rule, she commented that there had been lots of upsets about invitations.  However, it’s not the kids getting upset, but the parents. 

I can’t believe adults are getting upset about Johnny or Janie not getting a party invitation.  I don’t think this is a good example to set for our kids. 

Sure it may be upsetting for a child not to get invited to every party, but maybe the family can’t afford to invite all the children in the class, or maybe their child isn’t the party kid’s favourite friend. 

Our kids learn how to respond to life’s upsets by the example set by us, the parents.  This is one example of how to show them how to sweat the small stuff.


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