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Submitted by PAUL C on March 20 2012 09:03 AM

With his big brother at school, many wondered how the little one would cope being left home alone.  Quite simply, he’s loving it.

Of course he adores his big brother but being the second born often means following your older sibling around. Well this is certainly true for my youngest. Apart from the newborn phase, he has been dragged along to everything my five year old has been doing for the past two and a bit years. 

Swimming lessons, gymnastics, you name it, he’s been there.  And whilst he may have been there, doesn’t necessarily mean he has been able to participate. Not at the same enjoyment level anyway. . . .

So now his big brother is at school, the day it is all about him. Every morning the first thing he asks me is “What we doing today, mum?”  It’s his turn for swimming lessons, music class and story-time at the library or maybe just a babychino after grocery shopping. 

Even if we don’t have anything planned, he can finally play with anything he jolly well likes, when he likes, and how he likes. I hear him murmuring to himself. ‘Brother won’t mind if I play with this’. And off he goes without interruption or correction by his big brother.

As important this first year at school is for my oldest son, it is just as important for my youngest son.  It is his turn to be at home with Mum and get the one-on-one time for the first time in his life. 

He now has to be dragged to the daily school pick- up.  Even though he gets woken up from his afternoon nap, his little face does light up when he realises we are off to get his big brother.  Seems he doesn’t mind sharing the limelight after 3.00pm at all.

They get on better now than they ever did.  Is that because they each have their own time or maybe it’s just because they are getting older and enjoying playing together at lot more?

How are your kids coping without each other?


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