Helping or Hindering

Submitted by PAUL C on August 21 2012 10:08 AM

As the seventh child in my family, there wasn’t much chance for my mum to help out when I was at school.  With only two kids, I have a little more time to spare than my Mum did.  I like to help at my son’s school when I can - particularly as this is his first year.

I go in for an hour or so each week and help out with reading or writing skills.  His teacher welcome’s parents in the classroom, the kids all benefit from the extra attention and both my sons love it.

It’s amazing the responses you get from other parents.  Some are like minded and they also go into their kids schools and help with similar activities.  Many work full time and would love to go, but just can’t afford the time.  Others simply can’t understand why we can’t let the teacher do the teaching and leave the kids alone.

One of my friends’ school has banned parents from helping in the classroom all together.  Some parents apparently became too competitive and started wanting to choose the reading group they thought their child should be in!

We are supposed to be helping not hindering the teachers.  I like to think that most of the time we are.  What is your view?  Would love to hear your perspective - whether you are a parent or a teacher.


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