Happy New School Year!

Submitted by PAUL C on February 12 2013 11:02 PM

After the longest break of the year, the kids are back to school this week.  We can relax all of those newly honed skills we developed over the summer holidays.

You know the ones I mean; the ability to lift more than our own body weight in gear for a fun day at the beach, the refereeing credentials learned while prising apart your usually loving children after six weeks together 24/7.

The wonderful sense of humour you have developed when they ask you for the fifth time “what are we doing today?”

The catering abilities you practised serving up nutritious, yet delicious snacks, to children that seemingly eat non–stop. (No wonder last year’s uniform and shoes don’t fit anymore). 

Yes, it’s been a wonderful summer holiday break and nearly every moment has been great. But it’s time to get those gorgeous little darlings back to school and pre-school.  Happy new school year!

What skill did you most use over this long, hot summer?  We’d love to hear your comments and views?



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