Daddy Care

Submitted by PAUL C on December 05 2012 10:12 AM

According a study released by the Australian Bureau of Health and Welfare, more kids are hurt in accidents when Dad is looking after them. I don’t think it’s because Dads are irresponsible, it’s more likely kids are doing activities like motor bike riding or tree climbing when Dad is around.

I know this is certainly true in my household. I don’t wrap my boys in cotton wool, but I know that I am definitely conservative when it comes to risk taking.

So while I certainly don’t want them hurt, I love the fact that they do rough-and-tumble things when Dad is around. When they say ‘higher’ on a swing, he’ll push them till almost vertical, and he will encourage them to climb to the highest branch possible on a tree.

Many times I find myself having to look away or to bite my tongue. My hubby thinks I can be a little critical when it comes to his judgement. He also believes playing it too safe can lead to kids doubting their own abilities and lacking self confidence.

So what do you think Mums and Dads out there? Is it the same in your household?


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