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Submitted by PAUL C on May 28 2013 10:05 PM

Our primary school principal sent a note home on cyber-bullying this week.  Some Year 6 girls have been sending bullying messages via Facebook to fellow students.

Why are so many parents allowing their children unsupervised access to the internet and Facebook?  Facebook is for people aged 13+ and shouldn’t be used by primary school children at all.  Some would argue that it isn’t very safe for teenagers either. 

It’s definitely scary enough for me to deter my kids from ever signing up.  Fortunately, my kids at still very young, they don’t even know what Facebook is.  I intend on keeping it that way for some time yet. My kids do have some exposure to my computer and our family iPad but it is always supervised and always has a time limit.

Shouldn’t we be preventing access to these tools that allow our kids to be hounded by bullies in the safety of their own home? What do you allow your children access to?

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  • ams545July 24 2013,01:07 AM

    As a teacher of teenagers I see this cyber-bullying issue a lot. I don’t agree with it and I think children and parents are making big mistakes spending copious amounts of unsupervised time online. Now I have no issue with the internet and the whole new world it has opened within our lives. However, cyber-bullying is becoming an ever increasing problem. Schools deal with bullying at a ground level and now, police and teachers are having to deal with it in a world that is difficult to monitor, review and edit. Once something is out there, it is out there and many of the students I teach do not understand this. I also feel it has given teens, in particular, a place where they can become more vindictive and brazen in their insults and bullying. Is there a way to stop this? I don’t know and I don’t even know if what we’re doing will help. Children are the next generation and they are out-stripping the adults in their technical knowledge and know-how. I am amazed at what students know about technology. We have children writing their own apps now!

    Fortunately, I deal with this more in my workplace than at home as my child is very young. At his age, I get worried sometimes about how he now wants the TV on everytime he eats lunch! He likes to sit at the computer and mimic me, but I have not given him the opportunity to play on it and I don’t think I will for a few years yet (hopefully). However, I was amazed and astounded at how much enjoyment my son got out of playing with grandma’s tablet when she visited. I was equally upset that my mother had not even asked if it was ok for DS to play with it. Furthermore I was astounded at my mother and my sister when they said they were going to download apps onto an old tablet and give it to my son to play with. Was there any consultation with me or my husband? Not at all and frankly I’m disappointed in this. I know I wouldn’t have been allowed something like this when I was my son’s age so why is his grandmother determined to give it to him now?

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    • sue@mumhoodAugust 12 2013,05:08 AM

      Thank you for your detailed comment.  You must see a lot of disturbing behaviour in regards to social media being a high school teacher.  Even more reason to be concerned about the impact on your own child/children.  I know we need them to have some exposure, but it has to be age appropriate and always under supervision.

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