Child Care Awards

Submitted by PAUL C on May 31 2012 09:05 AM

I was fortunate to be invited to the Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards held in Sydney last week.  In their seventh year, the awards celebrate the efforts made by child care educators, directors and service providers across Australia.

Hundreds and thousands of Australian families use both formal and informal child care each year.  With the ever increasing financial and social pressures placed on families, the need for child care services will undoubtedly continue to grow.

All parents want great care for their children.  What is heartening to see is the exceptional educators that are out there looking after our children’s needs every day.  Over 1100 nominations were received this year, with state winners and national winners announced for the four child care categories.

Every one of us has a special story to tell of their child care experience.  Whether it is the heart- wrenching first day separation tears of child and/or parent. The special friendships your child may forge. The first artwork bought home or maybe the first injury sustained without Mum there to patch it up.

Whatever it may be, we place our trust and faith in the hands of our child care educators to navigate our beautiful children through each of these situations and many more. From my own son’s perspective, I don’t think he would be the thriving kindergarten child he is today without the guiding hands of his early child care educators.  

His little brother will hopefully be in those same carers’ hands when his time comes. I know they genuinely can’t wait for him to start.

Do you have a special educator or carer that has touched your child in a positive way?  I would love to hear your favourite early child care moment that you and your child has experienced.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and nominees. Maybe we should all think about nominating our favourites for next year’s awards.


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