Can We Be Selfish on Mother’s Day?

Submitted by PAUL C on May 11 2012 09:05 AM

There have been a lot of articles recently on Mother’s making time for themselves.  At least “40 minutes” per day they say.   I guess it depends on what you classify as “making time for yourself”.  I don’t consider eating my dinner, having a shower or being fast asleep as great “me” time.

In fact, I think most women with children would struggle getting 40 minutes per week. This is particularly true for those with very young children and especially the working mums out there. So this Sunday we have the perfect opportunity to get in those 40 minutes or maybe even a few hours of Mummy time. .  .

Of course I love spending time with my boys.  I will melt when I see the craft my eldest has made for me at school. I will also adore the gift he has selected from his first ever Mother’s Day stall.  Needless to say the toast and tea they make for me will be the best ever.

But once the morning is over I will be making some time for myself.  An hour walk and then off to the local theatre. It might sound a little bit selfish, but for the other 364 days of the year, I do put my kids’ needs first and so I should.  

But this one day, I am going to celebrate with another Mum, my own. Will I feel guilty?  No way - not for one minute.  The boys love hanging out with their Dad, and lucky for me, my husband won’t mind at all.

I think Mummy time is much better than a new pair of slippers.  Don’t you?  What will be the most enjoyable part of your day this coming Mother’s Day?


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