Bossy boots

Submitted by PAUL C on May 23 2013 10:05 PM

If you have more than one child, does one of them try to be the head or the boss of the other/s?

My six year old son is intent on being the boss of his three year old brother.  Whilst the little one does look up to his big brother, he definitely has a mind of his own.  Many times he is happy to go along with what his is told or meant to do, but lately he has been standing up to him a lot more.

I try to let them work out their disagreements and power struggles.  Obviously I step in when things get out of hand or if they can’t resolve their differences themselves.

I wonder if this is the case in other families?  Do all older siblings assume the leadership role over their siblings?  Or is the youngest the more dominant or bossy in your family?  Or maybe the power base shifts from one to another?

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