Bonnets, Bunnies and Belly Aches

Submitted by PAUL C on April 06 2012 09:04 AM

Those shiny little eggs have been glimmering at us from the supermarket shelves since New Year’s Day.  I can’t believe how early they start the egg push.  Finally, Easter is almost here.

What an exciting week. The first school Easter bonnet making with the big parade scheduled for the last day.  Oh and those bonnets.  My son’s bonnet is cute, but some of the others are true works of art.  I might have to work on my bonnet making skills next year. . .

Bonnets aside, the boys are really excited about the Easter Bunny visiting. It’s not so much the chocolate.  It’s all about the hunt.  In fact, my eldest boy has only just started to get a taste for chocolate.  Usually the eggs get thrown out after several re-runs of hiding the eggs just like the “Easter Bunny” did.

The little one feeds off his brother’s excitement. So they are both really looking forward to getting their bunny ears on and running around searching for eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden for them.  Apart from the hunt, it’s about spending time together as a family and sharing the magic at this special time of year. 

So I will be trying to create those little bunny footprints with talcum powder once the kids go to bed. Together, we will be dyeing and painting boiled eggs for breakfast and warming the hot cross buns in the oven. Finally, I might even polish off an Easter egg or two.  Well the more I eat, the less they do. (That’s my excuse anyway).

What are your favourite family traditions at Easter and how do you limit the chocolate overload at this time of year?


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