Are we spoiling the kids?

Submitted by PAUL C on September 24 2013 10:09 PM

The Spring school holidays are here.  Many of us are heading off for a break with the kids or wondering how to fill the next two weeks without school.

There is so much to do with kids these days, and I wonder if we are spoiling them with all of the choices we now have before us.

Air travel has never been cheaper, so it isn’t unusual for kids to be heading off with their families to an exotic location.

Forget the holidays where we were left to entertain ourselves or each other in the backyard.  Today’s kids are having their hair braided in Bali, snorkelling in Fiji or surfing in Hawaii.

Of course it’s wonderful for families to be able to enjoy such holidays together, but a small part of me worries that kids are getting so much, and I wonder if they know just how lucky they are?

What do you think?  Spoilt kids or just a fortunate time for the new generation?


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