A slower pace

Submitted by PAUL C on April 17 2012 09:04 AM

The Easter Bunny has been and gone and the uniform is hanging back in the wardrobe. Ahhh school holidays. No lunch boxes to pack, no school drop offs and no rushing to after-school activities.  It’s no wonder we all seem to be breathing a big sigh of relief.

After a busy first term, the only thing my boys want to do is “stay at home”.  I thought the five year old would be itching to catch up with old and new friends, but he is most content to hang out at home with his little brother. . . .

All this relaxing made me think about the over-scheduling of our kids.  Some experts believe that ‘the more activities the better’ approach can actually lead to tired and disengaged children. In extreme cases, some can’t initiate their own play or even entertain themselves.  Is our intention to give our children every opportunity actually doing them harm?

I guess with everything in life, it’s all about balance.  My boys attend two weekly activities plus the mandatory swimming lesson. They are always raring to go, so I am guessing this gives them enough down time to play as well.

For this first holiday period, we are all relishing the slower pace.  We’ve spent hours in the garden – the boys mainly in the dirt. Many more hours making craft - we may need to build another room to store it all!

Thankfully we have another week where the lunch boxes remain in the back of the cupboard. We might even venture out a bit more. What about you and your kids.

Have you been able to kick back these holidays or is life just as rushed as ever?


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