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The Great Outdoors!

Submitted by PAUL C on September 18 2012 10:09 AM

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, let’s hope it’s the end of the tummy bugs, flu and colds that have plagued many families over the winter months.

It’s just great to get back outdoors again. For something so simple it’s easy to forget just how important it is for kids to be playing outside every day.  It’s great for their bodies, minds, learning and social development as well.

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Kids and Screen Time

Submitted by PAUL C on September 04 2012 10:09 AM

Did you get to see the Youtube video of a 1 year old trying to use a magazine like an ipad?  To some it might be cute, but I found it a little bit scary.

I know that technology is all around us, and I also know that it is really useful.  My personal view is that really young ones don’t need to be using it. From everything I have read, children under two shouldn’t be exposed to any screen time whatsoever.

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