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Helping or Hindering

Submitted by PAUL C on August 21 2012 10:08 AM

As the seventh child in my family, there wasn’t much chance for my mum to help out when I was at school.  With only two kids, I have a little more time to spare than my Mum did.  I like to help at my son’s school when I can - particularly as this is his first year.

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Kid’s Speak

Submitted by PAUL C on August 08 2012 10:08 AM

As parents, we have the ability to understand our own children’s language pretty much from day one. From birth we learn what they are trying to tell us through their different cries and coos.

By the time the toddler years roll on, we can easily decipher the first words and sentences - well most of the time.  My sons would often reel off a sentence that no one else would understand. Yet I would hear it as clear as a bell. 

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