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When is it the right time to talk about war?

Submitted by PAUL C on April 27 2012 09:04 AM

Like most parents I try and limit the exposure my kids have to violence on television and other media forms.  Of course they don’t live in a bubble, but I don’t think they need to see all the graphic images that we are exposed to during the evening news programs.

With Anzac Day celebrations this week, it seemed like the right time to have the first discussions about war. Of course my five year old bought home some lovely craft and attended the schools ANZAC Day assembly. So he had lots of questions - some really big ones.

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A slower pace

Submitted by PAUL C on April 17 2012 09:04 AM

The Easter Bunny has been and gone and the uniform is hanging back in the wardrobe. Ahhh school holidays. No lunch boxes to pack, no school drop offs and no rushing to after-school activities.  It’s no wonder we all seem to be breathing a big sigh of relief.

After a busy first term, the only thing my boys want to do is “stay at home”.  I thought the five year old would be itching to catch up with old and new friends, but he is most content to hang out at home with his little brother

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Bonnets, Bunnies and Belly Aches

Submitted by PAUL C on April 06 2012 09:04 AM

Those shiny little eggs have been glimmering at us from the supermarket shelves since New Year’s Day.  I can’t believe how early they start the egg push.  Finally, Easter is almost here.

What an exciting week. The first school Easter bonnet making with the big parade scheduled for the last day.  Oh and those bonnets.  My son’s bonnet is cute, but some of the others are true works of art.  I might have to work on my bonnet making skills next year

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