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Home Alone

Submitted by PAUL C on March 20 2012 09:03 AM

With his big brother at school, many wondered how the little one would cope being left home alone.  Quite simply, he’s loving it.

Of course he adores his big brother but being the second born often means following your older sibling around. Well this is certainly true for my youngest. Apart from the newborn phase, he has been dragged along to everything my five year old has been doing for the past two and a bit years.

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School Parking Chaos

Submitted by PAUL C on March 20 2012 09:03 AM

I never thought parking at school was going to be such a nightmare. Finding a spot close to the school gate is nearly impossible. When you do, it’s like winning the lottery.

I choose to drive my five year old to and from school.  Whilst it’s only seven kilometres from home, it’s too far to walk and we aren’t ready for the bus at this early stage of school life.

So the past weeks we have been trying to find the right time to leave home to get that perfect parking spot. I now realise there is no right time. You leave too early and miss the traffic, but are at school far too early. Leave it too late and you find yourself parking almost a kilometre away

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Swimming Carnival Fun

Submitted by PAUL C on March 13 2012 09:03 AM

February not only sees the start of school but also the annual school swimming carnival. I didn’t expect to be off to my son’s swimming carnival in his first year but I am glad the young kids were included.

Of course some parents were hesitant, but most were happy the five year olds were part of the carnival. Not only do they get a chance to participate, but it is a lovely way to spend half a day so early in the school year.

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