Jacana Kids

Jacana Kids is the brain child of Melbourne mothers, Jacqui Di Benedetto and Ana Garcia.

Several years ago, Jacqui was pregnant with twins and was told by doctors that one of her twins would be born blind and with several other development complications affecting speech and movement.

 Her son, Domenic was indeed sight-affected. At six months of age his sight miraculously improved but brought with it two separate conditions: Cerebellar Vermain Hypoplasia, a rare brain disorder wherein a part of the brain (cerebellum) fails to develop fully, impeding balance and movement, and Ocular Motor Apraxia (OMA), a neurological condition affecting controlled eye movement, often accompanied by speech difficulties, coordination issues, and developmental delays.

 Committed to providing opportunities for Domenic’s development, his parents reached out to various organisations that proved extremely beneficial to his growth and development.

 Three years on, Domenic is walking, running, jumping and even scooting! This leap in development has stunned his doctors and is largely due to the assistance of these services. From physical exercise, visual and mental stimulation and socialisation skills, Domenic is now thriving in a pre-school environment.

 Jacqui says I am so thankful for all the support given to us by Early Childhood Education Services. We gained the practical tools and emotional support to help Dominic be able to live a full and independent life.” kids climbing a tree

 Thanks can be practical, and now Jacqui Di Benedetto and Ana Garcia have launched their funky kids-wear label Jacana Kids online, to help raise money for charities who support the early childhood development of children with disabilities. Central to their ethos is the celebration of the artistic expression of children.

 From love hearts to monsters, the Jacana Kids range features pieces carefully doodled by the hands of little people, with 50% of all sales going to Early Childhood Development programs in Australia. Sporting a serious streetwear attitude, Jacana Kids is not just a fashion statement, but also a charitable one. 

Ana Garcia said “We wanted our clothing to represent the inherent joy of childhood and a child’s own artwork encapsulates that perfectly".”The duo designs each range with comfort and style in mind, using artwork from children from their chosen charities as well as those who just want to see their kids’ artwork in the mix.Each year Jacana Kids will donate 50% of their profits to different charities in Australia. This year their chosen charity is Yooralla, an organisation committed to supporting all people with disability to live independent and fulfilling lives.

 All Jacana Kids clothing are printed locally in Melbourne, using sustainable materials with manufacturers practicing ethical production values.

 To have the opportunity to see you child’s artwork reflected in upcoming Jacana Kids head to: