About Us

Australian Family Magazine began life in 1999 with a vision of providing critical parenting information and samples of products to parents of children aged two to eight.

Our research showed that while parents of babies and toddlers were well catered for in terms of information, there was very little dedicated exclusively to the concerns of parents with children at preschool, kindergarten and lower primary school.

The two-plus age group have a different set of development issues for parents to focus on. Children acquire language and sometimes baby siblings, learn how to run and climb, and develop a mind (and sometimes less than endearing behaviours) of their own! And as they start formalised care or education, their world expands around them.

As a company and as parents, we believe that children's and family services play an important role and provide essential services for families. We reinvest a portion of our profits in support of the peak children's associations.

For marketing and advertising enquiries relating to the magazine, website, advertising, sampling and research, please visit www.australianfamilynetwork.com.au or contact us.